Former Keller Mayor Jumps Into May 6 Race

Article by MARK DAVID SMITH – Fort Worth Star Telegram

The former mayor of Keller will run again for the position in the spring election.

Pat McGrail, who was mayor from 2007 until losing the 2014 election to Mark Mathews, filed Friday to run for the position of mayor.

In a statement, McGrail said that when Mathews announced he would not seek re-election, several Keller residents encouraged him to run.

“They told me they worried that Keller might head down the wrong path without strong, independent and experienced leadership guiding our City Council,” McGrail said, adding that his decision to run is “not only right for Keller, but it’s an absolute necessity.”

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One Comment On “Former Keller Mayor Jumps Into May 6 Race”

  1. I don’t really care about the bubble one way or the other. But, if I were still playing tennis, I’d think the bubble would = better utilization (summer) which could result in lower fees. The helicopters don’t bother me either. What bothers me currently is not knowing where to obtain information on a plan to repair the sewer project damages to roads and easements. My other concern: all of the trash that has accumulated along Bear Creek running through the park from Rufe Snow to Keller Smithfield. Much of this has very likely come from the construction on the Black property and I believe the developers should contain it. If not, they should pick up the tab on the cleanup. I hope to address these issues with Mr. Barnes and Mr. McGrail.


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