Pat McGrail – Feb. 17, 2017

Following the recent announcement by Keller Mayor Mark Mathews that he would not seek re-election, several citizens from our community approached me about running for that seat.

They told me they worried that Keller might head down the wrong path without strong, independent and experienced leadership guiding our city council. In the days since then, I have consulted with friends, family and supporters and sought their guidance. They know of my deep love for Keller, and they also know how challenging my last campaign was as a result of the special interest group that has bitterly divided our city.

We have discussed at length whether undertaking such a run against that group was feasible and right for the community.  Ultimately, I have decided that such a move is not only right for Keller, but it’s an absolute necessity.


We cannot allow such a special interest group that controls a majority of the council today to continue mandating Keller’s future – a future that, if allowed to persist, would further stifle positive economic growth and set our city back.  We need more than new car washes and storage units in Keller, and we need more parkland like we could have enjoyed on the Gean property if that generous proposal hadn’t been defeated.

As a result, after much thought and deliberation, I have decided the right thing to do is to re-engage with our community at Town Hall and enter the race for Mayor. Thus, today I have officially filed to run for Mayor of Keller, Texas, in the May election.

I am excited to enter this race, and I look forward to a spirited discussion with our citizens about Keller’s future. We need firm direction guided by our values and convictions, not an uncertain course that’s guided by special interests.

As Keller’s next mayor, I will provide the firm leadership we need from a strong, independent and experienced city official. Under my previous seven years as mayor, the city enjoyed positive growth and tremendous quality of life.  We attracted important new businesses like FnG Eats, Keller Moviehouse and Eatery, and the Baylor Emergency Hospital. We initiated economic revitalization of Old Town, improved our infrastructure along critical corridors like Rufe Snow Drive and North Tarrant Parkway, and saw our police department earn national accreditation that demonstrates the skill and proficiency of the officers we employ to protect our city.

As your Mayor from 2007 to 2014, I led our city council as Keller grew into an amazing, dynamic community. This is indeed a remarkable city, and I am incredibly enthused to run for mayor once again. I look forward to the campaign, and I appreciate your support.



  • Filed to run for Mayor of Keller, Texas, on Feb. 17, 2017
  • Served as Mayor for three terms from 2007 to 2014
  • Served five terms as a city councilman
  • Retired executive from American Airlines (38 years of service)
  • Currently employed part-time as a courier for the Federal Reserve in Fort Worth
  • Pat is married to Pauline DellaSala McGrail
  • He has three adult children: Lisa Solitario, Patrick McGrail and Ryan McGrail
  • Pat and his family moved to Keller in 1989
  • Pat first became involved with the City of Keller in 1991
  • He served on several boards, committees and commissions before running for office
  • As mayor, he participated with the Tarrant County Mayors Council, Northeast Leadership Forum, Metroport Cities Partnership, I-35 Coalition, and the Super Bowl Committee
  • As a parent, Pat was involved with KYA, KSA and the KHS Boosters
  • Pat and Pauline are members of Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
  • As a citizen, Pat has supported Keller as a member of the Keller Chamber of Commerce, Keller Rotary, Keller Lions Club, Keller Business Association, Christ Haven Children’s Home, the Community Storehouse and the Longhorn Council of Boy Scouts of America