Respect, Decorum and Professionalism

Good Tuesday morning!

Just a note to update on the last few days.

I am seeing overwhelming support from the everyday citizen, who just wants their Keller back. The term Special Interest Group was not penned by me, but by these folks who are weary of being run over by just a few who would see Keller changed in their own vision.

I am committed to returning respect, decorum and professionalism to city hall. This is what I am being asked to do each and every day and I will push hard for what is in the best interest of all citizens, not just a small number.

Homeowner’s Property Rights

I had the distinct honor of meeting with MetroTex Association of Realtors as we discussed the issues that affect residents throughout the Metroplex.

An important issue that we discussed, was the ability to sell one’s property or improve that property, and the fact that homeowner’s property rights have been seriously restricted by my opponent’s voting record.

Every council person who has been elected to serve their community, owes it to those citizens to research every item brought before them, including its impact, before voting on it.

When asked about a specific issue of restricting a homeowner’s ability to install a pool or outdoor living area, my opponent commented that he didn’t know what he voted for. That vote was a strong rejection of an individual’s property rights.

Because that rule was designed by a special interest group, it is also an indication of his willingness to to approve items that fall along the lines of what that just a few think is necessary in Keller.

I am committed to returning our city to one that respects others, reaches out for common resolutions to our issues, and looks forward to a bright future.

In my opinion, allowing a special interest group to dictate our future based on their narrow views and desires is wrong and stifles healthy economic growth.

As the Mayor of Keller, I will ensure that all citizens are represented and respected.

Keller Lions Club Parade

What a great time we had last night visiting with encouraging neighbors at the Keller Lions Club Parade!

This yearly event brings many people to Keller to enjoy the Fair and sample the quality of life that Keller offers! The parade was fun, the weather was great!

Thank you Keller Lions Club for all you do for our community!

Former Keller Mayor Jumps Into May 6 Race

Article by MARK DAVID SMITH – Fort Worth Star Telegram

The former mayor of Keller will run again for the position in the spring election.

Pat McGrail, who was mayor from 2007 until losing the 2014 election to Mark Mathews, filed Friday to run for the position of mayor.

In a statement, McGrail said that when Mathews announced he would not seek re-election, several Keller residents encouraged him to run.

“They told me they worried that Keller might head down the wrong path without strong, independent and experienced leadership guiding our City Council,” McGrail said, adding that his decision to run is “not only right for Keller, but it’s an absolute necessity.”

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